Skilled Technology workers are some of the most sought-after human capital in any organization and are always in high demand. Finding and retaining skilled IT talent is a challenge. Technology is fast and ever changing. A new iPhone is released every eight months and new Operating Systems nearly every year. Who would have imagined social networking and Big Data would become sciences in themselves? IT talent is always seeking broader pastures of growth and challenge. When these become stagnant, they move to the next big thing or venture. Organizations that nurture this environment become magnets for new talent and keep existing employees engaged.

At Comcentric we recognize the underlying nature of the IT industry. We are always seeking knowledge and expertise to stay on course with the changing dynamics of the industry. We seek and find the type of IT talent that fits your organization’s culture, as well as their technical acumen. Our goal is not to find another able body to fill a vacant position in your IT department, but rather to find the right employee who can thrive and grow within your team. We look at all aspects of the candidate’s skills and expertise, their employment history and mind set attributes which would fit well into your organization’s work culture.

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Comcentric’s headquarters are located in Lone Tree, Colorado at the foot of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Our office is near the Denver Tech Center (DTC), and centrally located between Denver International Airport (DIA) and Colorado Springs. Boulder and Fort Collins are within an hour’s drive as well. Nearly every corner of the country is accessible within a comfortable flying distance out of Denver’s International Airport (well-known as one of the finest in the Country!)